Summary Guide to the Grants Register 2017 – The 35th Edition

Summary Guide to the Grants Register 2017 – The 35th Edition. May 4, 2017

The Grants Register 2017 is an authoritative and comprehensive guide to postgraduate and professional funding worldwide.
It covers grants in 56 countries of the world.
It is published in English and other languages.
It contains information on subject areas, levels of study, eligibility and values of the awards as well as the procedures of application.
The 35th (2017) Edition of The Grants Reports provides a detailed and comprehensive survey of awards intended for students at or above the postgraduate level, or those who require further professional or advanced vocational training.
It provides up-to-date information on availability of, and eligibility for, non-refundable postgraduate and professional awards worldwide.
The beauty of this Register is that the various institutions captured in this edition supplied the information that are contained herein and yet institutions that wish to be included are free to send in their own information.

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