Philosophy & Objectives of Vocational Teacher Education Philosophy

The importance of vocational and technical education has been recognized by the present state and federal governments in Nigeria. Philosophically vocational technical education achieves economic gains because investments in vocational and technical programmes provide individuals with employable skills and provide the economy with productive citizens. Sociologically vocational technical education is important because individuals who have saleable skills become socially useful citizens in their communities. One of the aims of the new national policy of education is to produce individuals who can become entrepreneurs hence the inclusion of trade areas like mechanical trades, computer craft trades, electrical/electronic trades, building trades, wood trades, hospitality, textile trades, printing trades, beauty culture trades and business trades. The philosophy of the Faculty, therefore recognizes the completeness of the who will become Nigeria future entrepreneurs in these various areas of trade.


The objectives of the faculty of Vocational Technical Education are to train teachers who can occupy teaching and leadership positions in secondary schools, technical colleges, Colleges of education, universities and training programmes in Agricultural, Home Economics, Industrial Computer and Business related establishments. The Faculty also aims at producing entrepreneurs in the following trade areas: Mechanical trades, Computer craft trades, Electrical/electronic trades, Printing trades, Woodwork trades, Hospital trades, Textiles trades, Garment making trades, Printing trades, Beauty Culture trades, Business trades.